Pre-K Pre-Code, LLC

Judy Quintero

(630) 561-2584


Pre-K Pre-Code is an after-school enrichment program serving the Bethany neighborhood of Portland, Oregon.


The New Literacy

I introduce 4 to 6-year-olds to basic computational thinking.  They get a head start on ideas that include planning, sequencing, logical reasoning, predicting, debugging, patterns, symbols, events, loops, functions, conditionals, stacks, binary numbers, pixels, and parameters.  The development of these skills is not just for children who want to grow up to be computer programmers—they're for anyone who wants to stretch his or her mind and learn to think in new and abstract ways!  Pre-K coders learn to "decompose"—breaking down complex tasks into bite-sized pieces—and they learn that making mistakes is not something to fear and that persistence pays off.  We emphasize a growth mindset!


Children learn best through play.


That's why I provide little coders with highly engaging games and activities in a fun and creative environment.  Sessions are 30 minutes long and screen-free. Materials include Cubetto, Bee-Bots, Botley, Matatalab, Qobo, Kubo, mTiny, Montessori-inspired coding toys, and much more.  Learning goes beyond coding so that children absorb critical life skills in communication, collaboration, perseverance, problem-solving and creative expression.